Friday, January 11, 2008

telaga air...

It's been half year since the lastime we fishing at that small fishing village.Be4 we went there, me n gary went to buy some fishing stuff. We use live prawn as usual. Well, i get cheated by the tauke cause i paid rm10 for 30+ small prawn which sells only 15 sens each.=_= Luckily the prawn still help us to be able to land some fishes in the end.
we depature at 830pm.IT took us almost 1hour to reach teh destination because gary drive quite slow.Once we reach, we carry all our ''weapon'' to the jetty and start fishing. After 2hours, gary rods seem to hav sum reaction.But gary was chating with kihong there.then i help him to land the 1st fish.After the 1st fish was landed, then i started to be serious. GahaHa..without dissapointed, i got 14 fishes...gary was only able to land 4 fishes. well, kihong was sleepin whole night long in the car.talking in the dream himself summore=_=""..

5 am in the morning, we move to the other jetty to try our luck...i was only able to land few fish there only due to the strong current...n tide...gary jealous bout my catch..then he start to struggle to catch more fish than me...

it was an accident occur due to the lauyia casting skill gary hav....gary try to cast the bait to a nice spot..buT the bait flying to the other side.then sangkut on a wooden jetty.When gary try to pull back the bait from the jetty, then the nightmare was comin. The weight was flying to the direction of himself n hit his neck.It is the 1st time i see ppl hitting by own bait n weight.

how dangerous fishin, better becarefull nextim goin to fishing.

my catch of the day...XD

this is gary' kesian.. was a nice trip..hope can hav another nice trip soon.....=)

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